Preview of The Vinciolo Journal

Welcome to The Vinciolo Journal. This blog gets its name from the infamous and legendary old book that forms the center of the alchemical knowledge of the Vinciolo family, whose saga forms the basis of some of my (as yet unpublished) novella and my (still in the draft stages) new novel. As you can probably tell if you read parentheses, there is a lot of work for me to do if my writing career is to get off the ground (but isn’t the whole point of parentheses that you don’t have to read it?). While I do the hard work, though, I will be posting about many things, while transitioning my main authorial website from its older Freewebs address.

What you can expect from The Vinciolo Journal:

-Excerpts from my Present Writings, which can Include Poetry, Short Stories, or Novels

-Historical Database Files

-Book Reviews of what I’ve been Reading

-The Odd Insight into my Writer’s Life (though I shall refrain from posting advice–just see for that.)

-Opinion Pieces on Certain Newsworthy Items

-Artistic Paintings, Drawings, or Photographs. And the occasional link to my Pinterest page.

-Perhaps the occasional Fan Fiction or Experiment

-And… the odd post written archaically, in the mode of “Middyle Ynglisshe,” “feventeenth-century printing” (which uses ‘f’ for ‘s’ sometimes) or “eighteenth-century Capitals,” (Enlightenment people like to emphasize their words). For a superb Middle English blog, see 14th-century author Geoffrey Chaucer’s blog here.

Y shalle attendeth to thys blogge with fuperb focuf and due Diligence, for all of my dear Readers and Fans.

This means posts will be bi-monthly (twice a month). I have tried before to post more frequently, but other preoccupations always get in the way.

That is for now.


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