“Ice Breaker”

Last Monday, the Fall edition of the McGill student literary journal STEPS was published, with my poem in it!


It’s a reflection on arctic blizzards and hallucination–seeing things in randomness when there’s no one else around to contradict you.


Bonus marks: Can you spot the allusions to Frankenstein and Don Quixote? If you can, are they really there? Don’t worry, I won’t gainsay you.



Ice Breaker”



         He was a man        broken

         by disasters


seen running across

the crumbling arctic

tilting      at rotating illusions

as clouds of yesterday

fogged      his mind


his dogs dead

          his body alone     with the Aurora

          where the compass does not settle


                     what would a compass mean anyway

                     in this         expanse


he sees spirits         floating

made of fallen snow

this far North, the world is how he sees it

no one will say         no


warmth as

winter’s         caress

                     frees him

                       to die


he gathers ice

a funeral pyre

wishes bright wings

Poetry Reading at Le Cagibi!

This Monday marked the occasion of my second ever poetry reading, where I recited “Ice Breaker” (which is this Friday’s post), “St. Francis of the Amazon,” “Seagull,” and my final, uproarious poem “Anticlimax.” The venue was in the backroom of Le Cagibi (pronounced KAH-jeh-bey, or “KGB” in phonetic Quebecois French), a hipster, student-populated restaurant on St. Laurent. A fine venue as any, with some real character: a coffered tin roof, a wall of shelves holding candles, figurines of cats, and a strange trinitarian painting of the Virgin Mary, as well as a weathered set of metal chairs and tables with stripped paint. There was also a very non-mainstream, postmodern electric violinist with some haunting reverb and a celloist with a similar style. Excellent poets this year, with some excellently cadenced voices, stylistically and auditorially. Here is a recording of some of the voices (not me, alas) from CKUT. Just follow the link to CKUT from The Veg‘s Facebook post (click “Post” to see it). Then on the CKUT page, see the recording for 25 November 2013.


The journals and websites are here:





(Current issues seem to be inaccessible at the moment, but I am in the Veg’s Spring 2013 issue as well.)

.I’m looking forward for future events such as this one, but don’t know when the next will be because I’m graduating this semester! It was certainly an honour to read, to see my poetry and artwork in print, and to participate in literary life at McGill University, an institution that has turned out such infamous poets as Leonard Cohen, Irving Layon, A.M. Klein, and William Shatner (each with their own very different styles, to be sure!). Peace out!

Me at Le Cagibi, a hipster Montreal restaurant, reciting one of my poems this Monday for the launch of McGill's two brilliant student magazines STEPS and The Veg.
Me at Le Cagibi, a hipster Montreal restaurant, reciting one of my poems this Monday for the launch of McGill’s two brilliant student magazines STEPS and The Veg.